Starting at the finish

I started my trip in the northern most reaches of the forecast beneath the glacial mountains at Höfn in South East Iceland.  The map below shows a very rough outline of the areas I intend to kayak in during the first and second legs of the trip. I will link these sections together via the sea, camping along the way and transporting my kit and boat by ferry.  South East Iceland is actually always the last area to be read out in the forecast so to a few keen fans, starting at the finish might seem strange but at least it means I can say that I got to the end in some way.  The dotted lines on the map indicate the flights I plan to take at the beginning and end of the trip. 

Map TRACE_crop.jpg

THe Shipping Forecast

It's not possible for me to write about the forecast without a mention of its often forgotten creator Admiral Robert Fitzroy, now remembered in the area off the Spanish coast that bears his name and replaced Finistere in 2002.  More about him as the trip develops. 

You can view the latest forecast from the Met Office here and more about its history here

For an entertaining introduction to the forecast areas, I would recommend getting hold of 'Attention All Shipping' by Charlie Connelly, a brilliant, funny and honest account of its people and places.